Why not be more proactive?

Seed the dead areas of the pacific with iron

Death of phytoplankton sinking to ocean floor

Done: tons of CO2 sequestered

do you really think you are going to change the behavior of republicans in the usa? i think the "shame on you!" approach has really had an effect on them, i mean, just look at the last election results ;-P

so why not just be proactive about things instead of wishing human nature will change somehow?

and besides, what i smell here is political agendas, not real concern for the environment, because if you were really concerned with the environment, you'd be after the coal burning chinese. do you think you're going to have a better track record convincing the booming chinese economy to stop burning so much coal? good luck with that!

unless you don't actually care about the environment, you only care about the environment as far as you can use it as a political tool against republicans.... is that it?

so give it up, just be proactive about problems in life: we ARE altering the environment, 6.5 billion human beings on the planet with advanced technology are not going to have no impact on the environment, EVER

nor should you think you can change society so that they ever will have zero impact... do you honestly believe that?

so just counteract our negative technological impact on the environment with positive technological impact: we add CO2 via technology, so take it out with technology... what, we should cripple economic growth instead by stop using fossil fuels even though there is no better alternative yet?

the solution to problems in this world is always proactive uses of force

there is no problem in this world that was ever solved, that had to do with the behavior of masses of people, that relied on "shame on you!" as a an effective policy tool

wishing human beings can be shamed into changing their essential behavior somehow is pure folly