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Do us a favor! Help.

As a small company we need your help. If you use our dealer search and can’t find a dealer in your area, it probably means we don’t have one yet. Please go to your local footwear store and ask for us!

To fill in where a retailer is not, affiliate fitters around the country called “Somniacs” are now up and running in a city near you! A Somniac is a passionate Somnio supporter who is technically trained as an authorized Somnio fitter. Somniacs are physical therapist, podiatrist, personal trainers, coaches and experienced running enthusiast. Somniacs are not retailers and do not hold stock of shoes but operate to aide people in their running community to achieve the Perfect Fit. Interested to become a Somniac? Email us for more program information.

Still no one in your area? Then BUY ONLINE!

We're growing quickly, but it's possible that we don't yet have a dealer in your area. The good news is that you can order directly from us through our online store. In four quick and easy steps, and with the help of Fit Tips and Video, you can accurately build the right shoe for you.

Check out our Event and Expo Calendar to find Somnio in the field!

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