Biomechanical Running Shoe Design

Somnio running shoes were featured on The Doctors. See the video below.

Product design

Somnio running shoes were designed in the lab and on the road with the idea that we can improve individual’s biomechanics through adjustability of key components of the shoe.

Medically proven

Through testing and refining our designs at the BCSM over the last 3 years we have achieved results in the lab which are repeatable and which can treat and reduce the risk of certain injuries. Runners who wear Somnio shoes and add the use of a leg compression machine after training runs, are prone to much fewer injuries than the majority of other runners who don’t.

Functional design and Biomechanics

Our design philosophy is that function always comes first , there is no compromise in this principle. We are not about color palettes and gimmicky technology. While each individual will have unique characteristics that contribute to their biomechanics, proper support of foot structures and attenuation of loading force mechanics are key to injury management and performance enhancement. Somnio’s design philosophy is to customize the shoe to meet the alignment needs of the individual.


Relevance of Design Characteristics

The approach of Somnio’s design is embedded in the concept of alignment control and force distribution. To achieve this level of customization, Somnio utilizes a “direct” vs. “indirect” approach. Old convention achieves alignment control (in this case pronation control) through firmer medial mid-sole materials to “block” motion from happening (“indirect”). It does not address the actual alignment of the foot/ankle itself. When the same durometer (cushioning) is used across all weight categories, it can create a stiff/unnatural feeling for some runners. Somnio’s “direct” approach toward alignment control incorporates both the extrinsic and intrinsic design concepts utilized in orthotic prescription. Extrinsic posting in an orthotic changes the angulation of the foot/ankle while intrinsic posting supports the structural alignment of the foot and can be made to improve the foot/ankle alignment.

Last shape and medial mid-sole durometer options are offered in all Somnio models upon which further customization occurs. Somnio uses the different last/durometer options to accommodate for foot shape and weight categories.

Somnio achieves improved force distribution through improved alignment and customization of the cushioning inserts at the postero-lateral heel and across the metatarsal-phalangeal joints (balls of the feet). While old convention relies on numerous shoe models that try to predict the various combinations of firmness/softness that someone will like, the intangible “feel” of a shoe is a very personal experience and can be customized throughout the Somnio footwear line.

Different shoe parts

Our shoe design components and relevance to injury management:
Varus Wedges

  • Provides correction of subtalar joint alignment (direct pronation control).
  • Full foot varus wedges are utilized to provide better functional alignment control throughout stance phase (forefoot control is particularly needed during mid-to-late stance).

Foot Beds

  • Provides improved alignment control by more adequately supporting the arch structures (aids in “intrinsic control” of subtalar joint alignment.
  • Increased comfort (allows for accommodation to both the high and low ends of the arch height spectrum).

Durometer (cushioning) inserts at 1st MTP JT. and postero-lateral heel

  • Adds cushioning for those with shock absorption problems.
  • Decrease the “timing” of pronation through use of softer durometer heel insert (avoid the catapult effect).
  • Accomodates for different weight categories and injury needs.
  • Customizes the intangible “feel” of the shoe for greater comfort across a spectrum of users.

Last shape and medial mid-sole durometer options

  • Accommodates to foot shape for increased comfort and control.
  • Cushioning options allow improved control of stability.
  • Contributes to the “feel” of the shoe.

Somnio Running Shoes

Somnio is Latin for “dream.” Our mission is to help people achieve their lifestyle goals and do so while remaining injury and pain free. We aren’t just selling shoes; we’re solving problems, and are helping to make some dreams come true along the way.

Somnio is founded on the principle that shoes should adapt to the individual and improve biomechanics. Every person is different, and we believe that every pair of shoes should be different, too, so we built a platform for making that possible. Our exclusive system of almost infinite shoes and limitless possibilities was designed in the nation’s leading sports medicine lab, and then tested and refined there on real people, just like you. Our adjustable component system is superior to every running and casual shoe currently on the market.

We believe focus provides a clear path to achievement. We are focused on making great shoes that accommodate to every individual’s needs. We are focused on building the perfect Somnio shoe for you.

The Somnio In-store Video Gait Analysis System allows Somnio Dealers to do in depth evaluations of your biomechanics beyond the Line Up Device by using Somnio gait analysis software and a treadmill. The video can be run in slow motion, actual speed and freeze frame so the fitter has the ability to quickly and easily evaluate the shoes’ performance in relationship to the runner’s needs.